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Preparing an Exit Strategy…From Cancer!

By Stacy Hurt / August 12, 2016

Author’s Note:  So many people thought this was about death, that I had to insert “from cancer” so everyone didn’t think I was exiting life.  […]

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Stacy Hurt

Reiki – Real or Fakey?

By Stacy Hurt / May 31, 2016

Image Credit: Eva Lin Photography I am humbly honored to be getting more and more questions about exactly what I did to “THINK EXTINCT” and beat down […]

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Colon Cancer Awareness Month

A Magical March for Colon Cancer Awareness Month!

By Stacy Hurt / April 20, 2016

Since I can’t steal “March Madness,” I thought I’d go with this!  Plus, there certainly was a lot of magic, and unlike my whole diagnosis […]

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Time to Be a Grown Up

By Stacy Hurt / November 15, 2015

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Really enjoyed my 2 off weeks.  My last 2 off weeks weren’t so swift… had radiation, numerous stressful doctors’ […]

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Thoughts on Red & Processed Meat from a Cancer Survivor

By Stacy Hurt / November 1, 2015

A lot of people have been asking my thoughts on the new World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines linking red and processed meat to an increased […]

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The Right Way to Express Empathy

By Stacy Hurt / October 27, 2015

When I was in college, I was in an abusive relationship (more on that later…).  My parents sent me for counseling, which of course I […]

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The Importance of Being a Great Friend

By Stacy Hurt / October 22, 2015

A gift Tina gave me – it is the Stand Up 2 Cancer Alex and Ani bracelet – you better believe I will, dear friend!! […]

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Hustle Mug

Off and blogging!

By Stacy Hurt / October 20, 2015

Hi everyone!  Well, I’ve never “blogged” before, nor do I read blogs, so this should be interesting.  I hear that I’m supposed to “write from […]

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