Stacy Hurt
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I am humbly honored to be getting more and more questions about exactly what I did to “THINK EXTINCT” and beat down cancer while caring for my 2 boys, one of whom is profoundly disabled.  I’ve never been an expert on anything, but I’m starting to feel like (at the very least) a very valuable resource to so many of my friends who are battling. That is very cool. I just want to help.

I also got some positive feedback on the videos. They weren’t “trending” or anything, but they were getting the good word of hope out there, and making some people laugh.  So we’ll explore and tweak that concept a little bit more in the future…

I decided that I’d walk through my journey here a little bit at a time; or at least different “days in the life of Stacy,” which are always interesting to say the least.  I’m going to break it down in my usual Stacy straight talk way to give you the low down which includes cancer, my disabled son, Emmett, and various other adventures. I know you can hardly contain your excitement.

I went for a Reiki session last Monday. There’s a lot of controversy that surrounds Reiki, since it doesn’t have any hard core, evidence based data to prove its effectiveness.  However, it must hold some validity since my integrative oncologist includes it as part of her consultative program.  To me, even the most tried and true conventional medicine is only as good as its application and follow through.  In other words, back to my “THINK EXTINCT” mantra, if you put your mind behind something and believe in it, it has the best chance of succeeding.  It doesn’t conflict with my faith at all.  So with that being said, I personally affirm the positive outcomes of Reiki in my world of existence.

My regular Reiki master is my friend, Terri Wahl. You can read more about Reiki on her website but basically it is promotes good energy and restores balance.  My first Reiki session was while I was at UPMC-Shadyside recovering from my surgery.  A CRNP administered it.  The Reiki Master lays their hands on various parts of the client’s fully clothed body.  I can actually feel Terri’s hands getting hot and I see her sweat, so I know something is going on.  I feel dizzy and lightheaded when I sit up from the table; again signs… And when I leave, I feel really good.  Terri is a very grounded, upward thinking individual.  We both enjoy an appreciate the natural soothing energy of Sedona, AZ.  At this point in my life and my battle, I only surround myself with people who lift me up higher than I am currently.  She is one of those people – she makes you feel better about yourself on a variety of levels.  She is professional, private, and pleasant.  Therefore, she is an integral part of “Team Stacy:  Healing Unit.”

Terri is also a spiritual medium.  I will expound on that part of the story in my book, but it’s pretty cool.

After you’ve done your research and you have more specific questions, give me a holler.

THINK EXTINCT, my friends.






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