past speaking events


10/7/17 - Healing Journey conference for Allegheny Health Network.

Healing Journey is an inspiring celebration of life and victory over cancer. This is a free event that brings people together to talk, share, laugh, and learn about beating this disease. It's all about fun, not fear.

7/20/17 - Stacy was selected as one of 12 national advocates/spokesmodels by The Colon Club for their 2018 “On The Rise” magazine to share her story as a courageous Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer (EAO-CRC) survivor.
3/12/2017 - Third Annual Early Age Onset Colorectal Symposium, NYU Langone Medical Center, "Mental Health Along the Cancer Continuum:  Staying One Step Ahead"


9/20/2016 - Mission Speaker at 9th Annual Coaches vs. Cancer Tip Off Madness benefiting American Cancer Society

Using a memorable story from her high school days as a basketball player, Stacy illustrated the importance of "giving it all you've got," even when the score is "90-10," to propel you to accomplish goals and dreams that you never thought possible.  Her usual mix of humor and raw emotion brought the crowd to their feet in a show of appreciation.

6/3/2016 - 36th Annual First National Bank Pro Am Golf Tournament benefiting The Watson Institute

Stacy shared not only how The Watson Institute has helped her severely disabled son, Emmett, make remarkable progress but also how the staff has supported her and her family during her ongoing 2 year battle with Stage IV colon cancer.  One audience member tearfully remarked to Stacy after her heartfelt speech that "...never in 30 years in teaching has he been so proud to be an educator."

4/3/2016 - 6th Annual Cookies4Chris Luncheon Hosted by the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation

Serving at this year's Ambassador of Hope, Stacy shared an afternoon of shopping, sweet treats, inspiration, and strength with the Chris4Life Foundation, who works in partnership with UPMC. The organization, recently merged with The Colon Cancer Alliance, is named after Pittsburgh native Christine Sapienza who lost her battle with the disease in 2009. Cookies4Chris has landed at the forefront of fast growing fundraisers in the fight against colon cancer.

3/4/2016 - UPMC CancerCenter Integrative Oncology presents Breathing Room

Matching the energy, enthusiasm, and high standards of society's multitasking women, Breathing Room provides an opportunity for guests to discover new way to improve self-care through proactive wellness strategies. Having incorporated the mind and body techniques of Integrative Oncology into her cancer treatment, to help offset side effects and enhance healing, Stacy was honored to share the story of her journey to attendees.

3/4/2016 - "Dress in BLUE" Colon Cancer Awareness at St. Clair Fitness

To celebrate Dress in Blue Day and support the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation, the members of the St. Clair Fitness community dawned their best blue workout gear for a morning of group fitness classes followed by brunch and coffee with Stacy!


10/22/2015 - UPMC's Integrative Oncology Wellness Fair

The Integrative Oncology Wellness Fair provides the opportunity for patients, caregivers, and staff to connect with wellness providers from the Pittsburgh region. Providers are available to offer demonstrations and answer specific questions. Having a profound and positive impact when starting her treatment plan last year, Stacy was on site at this year's event to answer any questions about the Integrative services she's received.

10/19/2015 - Medical Mondays: Integrative Oncology Commercial by UPMC Cancer Center

The two-minute segment featuring Stacy along with UPMC hematologist and medical oncologist, Dr. Lanie Francis, originally aired on WPXI. It covers how Integrative Oncology (yoga, acupuncture, meditation, essential oils, reiki, oncology massage and healthy eating) has helped complement treatment, enhance quality of life and combat side effects during Stacy’s yearlong battle with cancer.

10/11/2015 - "Fear is a Four Letter Word: How to Face It, Move It & Use It" at the Fearless Warrior Conference

In this session, attendees learned how to acknowledge various fears and classify them either into fears to overcome or fears to accept. Stacy also discussed how developing an "action plan" is the best way to face a fear, and to embrace the decision to move past it into the reality of "what is". The last component of the presentation was collaborating on how to use past fears to truly empower us to build a "life template" for dealing with future challenges which may create fear.