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Hi everyone!  Well, I’ve never “blogged” before, nor do I read blogs, so this should be interesting.  I hear that I’m supposed to “write from the heart,” so let’s go for it!  First, let me say how thrilled I was with yesterday’s premiere of my UPMC “Medical Monday” spot.  The wonders of makeup and editing!  But seriously, I was humbled and honored that Dr. Francis and the good folks at UPMC asked me to be their Integrative Oncology ambassador.  I have seen excellent results with the Integrative techniques that I’ve utilized to augment my treatment plan, so this girl is a believer! Here it is:

Second, I always set “ground rules” for anything formal I present, so I guess I can do that now:

  1. I am pretty opinionated, but my opinions are my own; not my husband’s, parents, kids’, friends’ or anyone else’s – just want to make sure that if I drag myself down, it’s just me – not any of my loved ones. If you are closed minded, don’t read my blog.
  2. I will talk about life, cancer, special needs, etc – I will use “colorful” language at times. If that offends you, don’t read my blog.
  3. I am a God person, so I will talk about my faith and God.  If that offends you, please substitute “energy,” “the universe,” or “the forces of life” or don’t read my blog.  I have many “non God” friends who don’t pray, and I love them.  I am like a well-known couples’ resort here – “all inclusive.” BYOB (Bring Your Own Beliefs).

Is anyone left who will read my blog?

For that one person out there (who I pay…), here are more ground rules:

  1. I hate to read – I don’t read books.  The last book I read was “To Kill A Mockingbird” in ninth grade, and that was because I had to.  So just for my own “attention and time challenged” self, I will try to keep each blog short and sweet (maybe not so sweet…see #2 above).
  2. I will try and give you something you can use each time.  I HATE sitting through lectures and conference calls and walking away saying, “I learned NOTHING!” I am practical to a fault, so let’s make this somewhat useful.
  3. I use “quotes” a lot – I am 45 years old, so I am a B.H. (before #hashtags) dinosaur.  Embrace the “quotes!”  LOL!

OK, that’s enough for now.  I’ll come up with some nifty acronyms, but for now, here’s my “useful tip of the day:”  (See #1…) I’ll only pass stuff along that I’ve done or am doing myself:

BEFORE your coffee (and believe me, I love coffee.  Coffee is life), begin each day with a cup of hot water with 3 drops of essential lemon oil (nutritional grade, which means it can be ingested).  I used to do lemon juice, until I read that it wears away the enamel on your teeth.  I can’t afford to lose any enamel, since chemotherapy is doing a good job on that… there are a ton of health benefits which you can google on your own, but simply put, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory cleansing drink for your GI tract.  Hot, because it will match your internal body temperature for easy absorption.

Peace in your world tonight,





If #digitalhealth is designed without the voice of its key stakeholder the consumer (translation: #patient) it is destined to fail 🙁

As we remember RBG and all of her victories, I think it’s important to also remember her defeats. She changed the world because she refused to let those defeats be the end of the story. She got back up every time and kept fighting, and so can we.


Eff you, cancer! 🖕 I DID IT!!! I made it to 50!! (with the help of a few thousand supporters along the way...) 💕

It was the first time in 6 years, I didn’t think about being diagnosed with stage IV cancer on my birthday. I can’t tell you how good it felt to replace a “cancerversary” with a celebration of a milestone I never thought I’d see. My heart is overflowing with joy. 🥳

I had a wonderful day surrounded with love! Thank you! ❤️

Life begins at 50! 💃🏻
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DAY 7 is ______❓(a little emotional) #gratitude ... See MoreSee Less

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