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Understanding how our work impacts the patient is at the core of our business. Stacy shared her patient journey at our company-wide meeting with first hand examples to reinforce why our commitment to health equity, inclusion, and belonging is so important. She had us on the edge of our seats with her compelling personal story that galvanizes her advocacy across the clinical research and drug development landscape. Stacy’s motivational message had such an impact on our team; she centered us on our “why”: that cancer screening and early detection could save a life like hers. Stacy left an unforgettable, lasting impression on our team. She validated our purpose to always remain focused on the patient. Stacy is a trusted adviser for your patient strategic perspective, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

~Steve Hahn, CEO at Harbinger Health, CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering

Steve Hahn & Stacy Hurt
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I live the patient life every day; it's a world I've navigated since my younger son was diagnosed, and even more acutely since my own cancer diagnosis. Along my parallel paths of industry professional and patient/caregiver, I realized that huge gaps in communication existed between these two stakeholder groups. A "translator" was needed who could speak both patient and industry and create equitable solutions where these parties could mutually benefit. My consulting business was born through driving this connection.

Technology innovations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic (including telehealth), AI, and reliance on the internet continue to empower a more educated patient consumer.  Our goals as patients are to:

  • Have timely access to our own accurate data
  • Make informed treatment decisions
  • Be involved in our care


As an organization,

  • Do your patient materials speak to and reflect the population you intend to treat?
  • Are you truly "patient centric"?
  • Do you have a process to incorporate the patient voice in drug development?

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for your organization?

Because I've uniquely been on both sides of healthcare as an executive and a patient/caregiver, I understand how a high quality patient experience can contribute for a positive outcome. COVID-19 demonstrated that if your customers are patients, then everyone is a potential customer.

I am a healthcare industry veteran who is patient minded and caregiver inclusive. Is the patient voice clearly amplified in the work you do? Are you ready to transform your organization to meet the needs of the post-COVID-19 patient? It's critical to understand, now more than ever before, that patients are our true partners in success. I can bridge the gap between your team and your customers through implementing a patient focus. I will help you discover your why: to make a difference in patients' lives like mine.

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