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Let’s Save the Date and Make Patient Engagement Official in 2022

By Stacy Hurt / February 9, 2022

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Match Game

By Stacy Hurt / January 31, 2022

Healthcare 2022:  “Follow the _______” One of my favorite game shows from childhood, Match Game, has been rebooted in the last few years.  Near the […]

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phil mickelson meets stacy hurt

Coming Out of Retirement for Phil Mickelson

By Stacy Hurt / May 25, 2021

Believe, Commit, Achieve I made a promise:  if anything ever happened to two people, I would leave colorectal cancer advocacy for good.  Those two people […]

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stacy hurt with emmet

Shaping the Future of Technology in Healthcare

By Stacy Hurt / May 14, 2021

An essay I wrote for HIMSS applying lessons I learned from mine and Emmett’s health journeys to help navigate a (post) COVID healthcare world.

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colorectal cancer patients

Successful patient engagement strategies for healthcare marketers

By Stacy Hurt / May 14, 2021

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Confessions of an Exhausted Caregiver

By Stacy Hurt / May 14, 2021

Being a full-time caregiver in ordinary times is difficult, but caregiving during COVID presented its share of extra challenges.

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Newly Diagnosed with Colon Cancer?

By Stacy Hurt / March 28, 2021

Lisa Richardson, MD, MPH, Director at the CDC commented “This is a great post for people who just found out they have colorectal Cancer. Thanks […]

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stacy hurt flexing her muscles

Colorectal Cancer Survival Strategies

By Stacy Hurt / March 28, 2021

Read my guest blog for Colon Cancer Prevention Project on my top 5 survival strategies, not only for colorectal cancer but for any chronic illness. […]

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“What brings you in today?”

By Stacy Hurt / February 9, 2021

A Special Needs Caregiver’s Experience Whoever is teaching the med students to ask this, stop.  Just stop.  Wait, no.  Don’t stop.  It’s a great question.  […]

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Define Fine

By Stacy Hurt / March 15, 2018

It’s easy, right? Fine. It’s a word I’ve come to mostly despise.  As in me posting my 30th chemotherapy session on Facebook, and a friend […]

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Website 2.0 – Why It’s So Important to Me

By Stacy Hurt / January 27, 2018

The Road Well Traveled Self-Awareness is an underestimated skill.  I know what I’m not, but the journey to figure out what I am has been […]

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Social Media 101: From a Techno Dinosaur

By Stacy Hurt / March 16, 2017

Accepting Change…It’s Kind of My Mantra I’ve been out of the actual working world for 2 1/2 years in my bubble of fighting Stage IV […]

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Fear Not the Girl With Cancer

By Stacy Hurt / February 2, 2017

The following conversation has taken place about me: “Did you hear about Stacy Hurt? You know, the one with the special needs child.  She has Stage IV colorectal […]

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Stacy Hurt

For What It’s (Self) Worth…

By Stacy Hurt / October 18, 2016

Before I fell ill, I had a pretty large career.  As you may know, I have two Master’s degrees and was fortunate enough to have a great […]

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Fleetwood Mac Gypsy

Listening to Your Higher Voice

By Stacy Hurt / September 26, 2016

Hi everyone & thanks for reading!  As you all probably know by now, I am a “God” person.  It’s my belief.  I would never want […]

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WARNING: Stacy is Out of Control!

By Stacy Hurt / September 8, 2016

Anyone who knows me will say beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am a control freak.  When I am working with a contractor on […]

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