fun facts

  1. The best decision I ever made in my life was marrying Drew Hurt; the best friend, husband, and father that a girl could ever ask for. He always has been and will be my hero.  My nickname for him is “Dudley Do Right,” because he’s noble to a fault.
  2. Plain pizza, Godiva Milk Chocolate, a Starbucks Latte, and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc would be on my celebrity rider.
  3. I LOVE to make people laugh! I was voted class clown consistently throughout my academic career. I attended Catholic grade school, so that didn't always go over so well...
  4. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my feet. I wear a size 12AAA and I have to order all of my shoes. It is super expensive and quite unfashionable. I also have painful neuropathy (a side effect of chemotherapy) and bunions.
  5. I'm very proud of my only two A's in graduate school - Negotiations and Ethics - I think that speaks volumes about the type of person I am.
  6. "Say Anything" is my favorite movie, and I have adored John Cusack as my celebrity crush ever since. U2 is my favorite band.
  7. I hate snow, cold, winter, wind, ice. I love heat, sun, summer, palm trees, beach.
  8. I am every bit a Virgo - always seeking to create order from chaos - things must have a logical explanation for me to feel comfortable.
  9. Three traits I look for in a person are loyalty, sincerity, and kindness.
  10. I am super persistent and will fight to the end for what I think is right.