fun facts!

  1. The best decision I ever made in my life was marrying Drew Hurt; the best friend, husband, and father that a girl could ever ask for. He always has been and always will be my hero.  My nickname for him is “Dudley Do Right,” because he’s so noble it makes me sick.
  2. Pizza is my favorite food followed closely by chocolate – is chocolate a food?
  3. I LOVE to make people laugh! I was voted class clown consistently throughout grade school, middle school, and high school.  I attended Catholic grade school, so that didn’t always go over so well…
  4. When I was in second grade, I told everyone that I wanted to be the first woman President of the United States when I grew up. I haven’t grown up yet, so that option is still on the table.
  5. I am direct and opinionated, yet open minded. I love to discuss controversial subjects with people, but am disappointed if they become defensive.
  6. I’ve seen it all and heard it all. Not much offends me – except arrogance, ignorance, insensitivity, and disrespect.
  7. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my feet. I wear a size 12AAA and I have to order all of my shoes.  It is super expensive and quite unfashionable.  I also have painful neuropathy and bunions.
  8. Top of my list for a do-over would be college. I was a real screw up.  I wasted a lot of time dating a total jerk and changing my major three times. But, I made lifelong friends.
  9. I don’t hate anyone, but there are three people’s drinks I would slip poisonous hemlock in and not even blink. They may or may not know who they are…
  10. I am very proud to be 100% Polish!
  11. I’m a “live for the moment” thrill-seeker. I’ll try, do, or say just about anything…once; it has definitely gotten me in some trouble over the years.
  12. I hate snow, cold, winter, wind, ice. I love heat, sun, summer, palm trees, beach.
  13. I’m very proud of my only two As in graduate school – Negotiations and Ethics – I think that speaks volumes about the type of person I am.
  14. I am super persistent and will fight to the end for what I think is right.
  15. My favorite thing about myself is my smile. I used to date guys based on whether or not they complimented me on it and/or my dimples.
  16. I have extremely long arms, broad shoulders, and big hands that Drew affectionately refers to as “Man Hands” in a tribute to Seinfeld.
  17. I am very stubborn, but I refuse to admit that.
  18. I am every bit a Virgo – a total perfectionist - always seeking to create order from chaos- things must have a logical explanation for me to feel comfortable.
  19. I’m super curious and inquisitive – particularly about people - and like to ask a lot of questions. If I don’t understand why someone does something, I get irritated.  (see Number 18)
  20. I cannot multi task.  This list was the only thing I accomplished today.