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I haven’t blogged in a while.  Really enjoyed my 2 off weeks.  My last 2 off weeks weren’t so swift… had radiation, numerous stressful doctors’ appointments, and grieved some loss.  These 2 weeks were wonderful!  Felt great, enjoyed some down time, and was mellow.  It was very nice and calm, which is good for healing.

But there’s something I have to get off my chest.  What is the deal with these parents acting so immature?  If I hear one more story about a parent being drunk at a kids’ event/party/sports practice, etc, I am going to lose it.  What the hell are you people doing???  And this isn’t “oh, Stacy’s just grouchy because she can’t drink.”  No – it’s called “Stacy is a grown up.”

Let me clarify – I’m all about having a few (too many) cocktails.  I’m the one who sends people on trips and says, “Drink 10 for Stacy!”  The trips where they are NOT with their kids!!  Or events where no kids are around.  Hey, have a field day!!  If you’re not driving, get loaded!  Whatever floats your boat!  My husband and I host an annual adult neighborhood holiday party.  Last year, I was the only sober one in the room,  I had a blast seeing how happy all of my tipsy neighbors were!!  But I am hearing an increasing trend of parents drinking and getting drunk at kids’ events.  WHY???  Cannot you not control yourself?  Do you think it’s cool?  It’s not cool.  As a matter of fact, it’s down right embarrassing to your kids and to yourself.

I view life in phases.  I had an EXCELLENT “party” phase!  It started at Penn State and stretched into my 20’s.  It was a good run.  I acted like a fool and made bad choices plenty of times.  I was never arrested, and no one got hurt.  But folks, IT’S OVER!  I am speaking to those of you like me, in your 40’s, who have kids who are watching your every move.  It’s time to move on and act responsibly!  I’m not saying to not be at the pool and have a beer or 2 with your neighbors while the kids are swimming.  A drink to take the edge off is welcomed and appreciated.  But to lose all sense of reality because you are drunk in front of your kids is absurd!  I’m sorry – tell me again why we have to have a drunk fest at kids’ sports events?  It’s not about us – it’s about our kids!!!  We are the parents, remember?  If you want to get bombed, lock yourself in your basement when the kids go to bed and go to town.  But if you are with your kids, be an adult and get a hold of yourself.

One of the worst stories I heard was that a dad was at an Indian Princess event with his daughter.  He is a prominent physician.  He got so drunk at the overnight camp, that he urinated all over himself and passed out in his urine in the hallway.  Yes, I even saw a picture of said event.  Are you kidding me?  That poor daughter.  And the guy is a doctor?  I wouldn’t be referring patients to that guy any time soon…

As you know, I try to challenge all of us (including Big Stace here) to push ourselves to be better human beings in general.  So, if you are reading this, and you’re like, “uh oh, this is me…”, then it might be time to do a little bit of self-evaluation and take it down a notch, because if I am hearing about this (and I pretty much live in a cave these days…) then it is becoming an issue worth examining.  If you are witness to such behavior, please do the right thing for the kids and give your friend a gentle tap on the shoulder, so as to say, “you may want to stop drinking now for the sake of many.”  It’s really not about us any more – it’s about being an example to the younger generation that is embodied by integrity and self-respect.

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