Website 2.0 – Why It’s So Important to Me


The Road Well Traveled

Self-Awareness is an underestimated skill.  I know what I’m not, but the journey to figure out what I am has been a rather complex one.  As a matter of fact, I’m still not quite sure.  But at age 47, I think I’m getting closer.

First, I was a precocious, inquisitive child, who wanted to be the first woman President of the United States.  Then I got kind of lost in my 20’s, wanted to host my own talk show, and stayed on track enough to attain two Master’s degrees.  Then I discovered I was pretty good at sales.  And then I got punched in the face.  And then I found out I was pretty good at training.  And then I got punched in the face again.  And punched yet a third time… And now I’m the star of my own, “where are they now?”

Who is “Stacy”?  I love people, I have a few letters after my name, and I can get up after getting knocked down.  I don’t think any of this is going to make me rich.  I wanted to get rich in my “lost 20’s.”  Now I just want to survive, learn how to cook, raise my family, and make a difference.

So what really happened and where am I going with this?  In a nutshell, I worked in sales, training, and healthcare.  Then my younger son was diagnosed with profound disabilities and special needs to the point that he will never walk or talk and requires total one-on-one care for the rest of his life.  Then I was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer that will entail maintenance treatment for the rest of my life.  Then my mom was diagnosed with unexplainable total hearing loss that required a cochlear implant and adaptations to her lifestyle to give her some ability to communicate.

But I Get Up Again!

The end, right?  On the contrary, that’s just the beginning!  Just to review:  gift of gab, lots of smarts, lots of experience, lots of adversity.  Do I get bitter and curse out the universe?  Do I curl up into the fetal position, grow my hair long, and become a recluse?  Well, no.  I’m a person who LOVES people – I used to enjoy just talking to them, but now I more enjoy listening to them and helping them.  And I’m feisty, which really means that I’m not happy unless I’m pushing the envelope in some fashion.  I’m a disruptor.  Since the world of cancer and disabilities needs more inclusion and acceptance, I’ve chosen that particular area to focus my still yet undeterred energy.

Introducing –  a way for me to take all of this and help the world, either through advocacy, speaking, or consulting.  AND, better yet, a way for my supporters to help the world through showcasing efforts of humanitarianism with the hashtag #DoingAwareness (read more about that here).

A couple of other important things you should know about me are that I’m super positive, super determined, and I love to make people laugh.  You’d better believe that those qualities have helped me beat down Stage IV colorectal cancer (when I had tumors in 27 places…), helped me raise Emmett to do more than the doctors ever thought he would, and help my mom not be confined by deafness.  Three awful things happened to me without any warning or reason.  (Isn’t there some rule of three somewhere?)  We’re putting all of that behind us, moving forward, and encouraging others to do the same!

So you see, it’s so much more than a website to me.  It’s a lifetime of twists and turns that have defined my mission.  Tons of people have stood beside me and cheered for me along my road of fighting cancer. They all said, “you are inspiring more people than you’ll ever know.”  This just takes that to a whole new level!  So I have YOU to thank for this.  YOU are the driving force behind my endeavors!  Come celebrate life with me on, and share it with someone who needs a boost.  And THANK YOU for helping me to figure out what I want to be while I’m still growing up!




Real estate peeps: If you’re going to continue to build upside down beach houses, please make an elevator standard in them. And don’t charge a million dollars to rent it. We shouldn’t be disadvantaged because we can’t walk ♿️👨‍🦽Love, Emmett❤️ #disability #caregiver #patients #IDD

@SparklyPinchy @dkyne @SimoneElviss @pfizer @annalisec @3MonkeysZeno @saysaman Great read. Thanks @Provoke_News. Honored to join these #health communicators in discussing how to improve #PatientCare! Beyond #COVID19 and #vaccinations, we have numerous - solvable - #publichealth challenges we must engage. #Collaboration #makeadifference

I think it takes a big person to admit you’re sending everyone a canned (rather than personal) response 😂 #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #patients


Great to speak to the Red Hat sales team today about humanizing healthcare, the power of open source solutions, connecting to end users (patients) and democratizing data through examples from my personal & professional experience. Proud to represent the patient/caregiver voice in healthcare development. #TelemedNow #technology #healthcare #patients #patientexperience #interoperability ... See MoreSee Less
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Like you, I watched the events of this week with a combination of disgust, fear, and sadness. What has happened to our country and why? We need to make a better effort to communicate with each other and understand one another. Also to lead our interactions with gratitude and empathy. I made a video to say why I voted the way I did and what was important to me. I would hope that each of you could articulate the same, intelligently and civilly. If things like white supremacy, force, extremism, homophobia, and the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer are among those, then my page isn’t for you. This past year I saw way too much “me for me” instead of “me for we.” Let’s each commit to waking up every morning and thinking “Who can I help today?” Might be a solid yet simple start to beginning to heal. Or at least I hope so. 🙏🤞 ... See MoreSee Less
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