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Injecting humor into life's tough stuff

Injecting humor
into life's
tough stuff


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Colon Cancer Awareness Ribbon



Colon Cancer Awareness Ribbon


Colon Cancer Awareness Ribbon



I Have Stage IV Colorectal Cancer and

My Disabled Son Has Multiple Special Needs

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I'm a wife, coffee lover, loyal like a dog to friends and brands, and I can't cook. I'm a fighter. A survivor. A champion of the people. I'm making lemonade out of lemons with both hands . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Scattered thunderstorms have tried to rain on my parade a few times, but I always manage to keep shining.  Sometimes you need someone to say, “I will get you through this,” and that someone is me.

"How can I help you navigate your tough stuff?"

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What exactly am I all about?

Real advice from a real person who really conquered real challenges!

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Support those afflicted with cancer and other disabilities through community outreach and philanthropy. {Read More}

How my uplifting story of never accepting 'no' as an answer and defying all odds with grace, while maintaining balance for myself and my family can help you overcome struggles in your own life.  {Read More}

Situation analysis for individuals and companies on healthcare issues such as patient outcomes, treatment protocols, second opinions, and continuum of care. I always look for hope and options!   {Read More}

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From my blog . . .

Define Fine

By Stacy Hurt / March 15, 2018

It’s easy, right? Fine. It’s a word I’ve come to mostly despise.  As in me posting my 30th chemotherapy session on Facebook, and a friend […]

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Website 2.0 – Why It’s So Important to Me

By Stacy Hurt / January 27, 2018

The Road Well Traveled Self-Awareness is an underestimated skill.  I know what I’m not, but the journey to figure out what I am has been […]

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Social Media 101: From a Techno Dinosaur

By Stacy Hurt / March 16, 2017

Accepting Change…It’s Kind of My Mantra I’ve been out of the actual working world for 2 1/2 years in my bubble of fighting Stage IV […]

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Fear Not the Girl With Cancer

By Stacy Hurt / February 2, 2017

The following conversation has taken place about me: “Did you hear about Stacy Hurt? You know, the one with the special needs child.  She has Stage IV colorectal […]

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Stacy Hurt

For What It’s (Self) Worth…

By Stacy Hurt / October 18, 2016

Before I fell ill, I had a pretty large career.  As you may know, I have two Master’s degrees and was fortunate enough to have a great […]

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Fleetwood Mac Gypsy

Listening to Your Higher Voice

By Stacy Hurt / September 26, 2016

Hi everyone & thanks for reading!  As you all probably know by now, I am a “God” person.  It’s my belief.  I would never want […]

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WARNING: Stacy is Out of Control!

By Stacy Hurt / September 8, 2016

Anyone who knows me will say beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am a control freak.  When I am working with a contractor on […]

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Preparing an Exit Strategy…From Cancer!

By Stacy Hurt / August 12, 2016

Author’s Note:  So many people thought this was about death, that I had to insert “from cancer” so everyone didn’t think I was exiting life.  […]

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