American Cancer Society "Crucial Catch" Health Fair; The Kingsley Association, Pittsburgh, PA; Photo credit: Greg Tot

"Everyone out there is raising awareness, but what are we DOING?

We need to be DOING awareness."

And hence #DoingAwareness was born!

what is


I coined the term #DoingAwareness to get people excited and motivated to help others.  It is digging deep and digging in. Awareness in action. It is getting your hands dirty.  It is ANY act of kindness or education. Giving back will grant you the greatest joy you have ever experienced – I promise!  Your good deeds will have more impact than you will ever know. When I do for others it reaffirms my purpose – to continue to pay forward all of the kindness I’ve been shown throughout my life’s challenges.  Join me! The possibilities are endless! 

how can you

get involved

  • Take a meal to a survivor in cancer or addiction treatment
  • Share your story with a newly diagnosed patient to give them hope and inspiration
  • Work a health fair to distribute educational information
  • Hold a door open for a person who is unable to hold it open for themselves
  • Donate money to an organization engaged in prevention, education, research, and/or support
  • Call or text a friend who is having a rough day
  • Volunteer your time at a community homeless shelter or treatment center to distribute comfort items
  • Contact a politician to advance policies which support the disabled or disadvantaged
  • Diffuse a bullying situation

share your


Show us what you're doing, tag your photos and activities with #DoingAwareness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Together we can make a difference.

The smallest deed can provide the greatest reward! And I want to showcase it!