are you prepared for the next level of patient engagement?

Understanding how our purpose impacts patient insights is at the core of our business, and having a keynote speaker share her patient journey at our national meeting propelled our commitment forward.  Stacy had us on the edge of our seats with her compelling personal story that integrated the role that imaging technology played in surviving her 5 year battle to beat stage IV cancer. Stacy‘s motivational message had such an impact on our team, that we invited her back to showcase the power that timely data and technology can play in a patient’s treatment.  In recognition of her inspiration, we were thrilled to present Stacy with our inaugural Purpose Imprint Award. Stacy left an unforgettable, lasting impression on my team.  She transformed our purpose on to the patient. Stacy is a trusted adviser for your patient strategic perspective, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

~Dennis Durmis, SVP, Head of Regions Americas, Bayer in Radiology

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COVID-19 showed us that in the blink of an eye, any one of us could be a patient. I am familiar with the patient life. It's a world I've lived in since my younger son was born, and even more acutely since my cancer diagnosis. So when COVID-19 hit, I became a sought after expert on how to adapt.

Technology innovations arising from COVID-19 (including telehealth) have empowered patients to:

  • Demand accurate and timely data
  • Make informed choices
  • Be discerning consumers

As an organization,

  • Are you prepared for this next level of patient engagement?
  • Are you truly "patient centric"?
  • Have you shifted your mindset from revenue based care to value based care?

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Because I've uniquely been on both sides of healthcare as an executive and a patient/caregiver, I understand how a high quality patient experience can contribute for a positive outcome. COVID-19 demonstrated that if your customers are patients, then everyone is a potential customer.

I am a healthcare industry veteran who is patient minded and caregiver inclusive. Is the patient voice clearly amplified in the work you do? Are you ready to transform your organization to meet the needs of the post-COVID-19 patient? It's critical to understand, now more than ever before, that patients are our true partners in success. I can bridge the gap between your team and your customers through implementing a patient focus. I will help you discover your why: to make a difference in patients' lives like mine.

Webinar:  How Digital Health Technology Can Voice Patient Opinions by OSP Labs.

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