what is a patient experience consultant?

An individual who works with your teams and makes focused recommendations to ensure a best in class patient experience – whether that be with your products or with your healthcare professionals. Someone who serves as an internal, organizational lead to provide problem solving which improves patient experiences.

BE the provider who shows how much you care about your patients

BE the company who shows patients how important they are to you

BE the health system who provides the best patient experience

With the rise of Accountable Care Organizations and their focus on value-based healthcare, good Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey (HCAPHS) scores based on a good patient experience help healthcare providers preserve their full Medicare reimbursement. Increased efficiency, e.g. making scheduling and rescheduling of appointments easier, not only reduces wait times for patients and thereby improves their experience, but also increases the healthcare provider’s capacity utilization and thereby their revenues. More fundamentally, though, a positive patient experience is at the core of the mission of every healthcare provider. -Luma Health, 6/20/18

services I


  • Performing a detailed analysis of your organization to ensure it is patient centric
  • Implementing tools to objectively measure patient satisfaction
  • Applying quality improvement theory/methodologies and statistical analysis or patient feedback data
  • Collaborating with team members and management teams across the system to excel in achieving CAHPS, patient experience, and service goals set by the organization with focus on high reliability, patient engagement, team member & physician engagement and excellent customer service (for health systems)
  • Analyzing marketing collateral to ensure it is patient focused
  • Assessing social media presence for positive patient engagement
  • Guiding your marketing team to construct patient experience committees and workgroups to implement patient experience strategies and achieve patient experience goals
  • Serving as a knowledge expert in the field of patient and caregiver engagement
  • Influencing and communicating with all the levels of clinical, financial and operational management with regards to goals and progress, as well as coaching and leading front line team members to change behavior and practice
  • Testing your website to ensure it is patient friendly
  • Improving patient/physician (or other healthcare professional) communication
  • Engaging non-profit patient advocacy organizations to uphold social responsibility to the patient groups ultimately served

why is a positive patient experience


  • Patient satisfaction
  • Employee productivity
  • Provider empowerment
  • Health system integration
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Customer retention

why choose


Are your end users patients? Then you need a patient to help you  

Do your products serve caregivers? Then you need someone who is caregiver focused

Are your external customers in the healthcare industry?  Then you need an industry veteran to lend her expertise to providing solutions

As someone who has proudly fulfilled all three of these roles, I am expertly positioned to collaborate with your teams and take your patient experience to the next level.


  • I have volunteered and/or spoken for the following organizations:
    • Colorectal Cancer Alliance
    • The Colon Club
    • Colon Cancer Coalition
    • Fight Colorectal Cancer
    • Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation
    • American Cancer Society.
  • Served as a consumer advocate at peer review with scientists and clinicians as part of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) under the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • Volunteer patient ambassador for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Integrative Oncology program.
  • Guest blogger for National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, Colon Cancer Prevention Project, GRYT Health, ColoWrap
  • Merck Patient Consultant
  • Lyfebulb Ambassador